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March 8, 2005 by discombobulated chick
Do you rember when you was a child !
I dont know about you but those were the best days of my life ! I was going throgh some of our old old photos and it brought back alot of good memories ! It was a time were you had no worries ! the biggest dission was wich toy to play with ! and love all you knew about that was your parents ! you knew you loved them and you loved your sibs at times lol !!! But i know you cant go back all there is , is to go foward !!!!
what i see here is that we are stuck...
February 2, 2005 by discombobulated chick
Is love what you really think ?
why is it so hard to tell if it is love !
why do you get those stupid buterflies every time you kiss even tho you have done it mant times?
why do you sound so stupid whene you are around the person you like
why is it so hard to express your feelings toard this certin person !!!!
why is it so hard to love sometimes !
can you love sombody
and if so how do you know
why dose all these qustions rise when iam with him !
and why do i even care
why cant he ...
January 31, 2005 by discombobulated chick
I hear this so much "i m fat " i cant say that much becuase i use to say it all the time !
but cant there be an imbetween ? why dose pepole look on the outword apparence ! if we all looked the same then wouldnt life be pretty boring ! and have you noticed that pepole like to pick out the tiny little things , that make you feel like you are pretty much no bigger than an ant ! well why i say this is becuase latley i have heard a lot of comment like "i m fat " and ect... well becuase flordia is c...
January 22, 2005 by discombobulated chick
Hum... where to start !!
pepole have no right to juge pepole over spelling ! telling them they are dumb butts and morons b-cuz of a flaw is pretty idotic if you ask me !!!! Alex had a good point you , shouldnt say somthing like that over the internet ! and scince you dont even know me you shouldnt say stuff like that at all !! I mean come on how stupid dose this sound ! your going to become nothing in life b-cuz you cant spell !! and also im going to screw the whole world over !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I...
January 21, 2005 by discombobulated chick
Do you think it is would be easy to make the mistake between knowing the diffrance between a deer and cow ?
well it is deff. posible !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
At our last youth function we went down to Wellston for thier youth xplosion ! Well on our way back home from that lovely town !!!A deer ran out in front of our van (no we did not hit it !!!!!!!) ------but one of the girls in our youth group blurted out , "was that a cow " o-...
January 21, 2005 by discombobulated chick
I know im not the best speller !!!!!! I also do think it is funny ,at how many spelling mistakes I make !!!!!! Im also very bad at typing too so... pretty much what you get is what you get ! i mean dont get me wrong I will atleast try !! but im not going to go through every time and try to correct all of my spelling errors !! sorry but some times i just dont have the time or i dont see them until later !!!!!! byes
January 19, 2005 by discombobulated chick
Im sooo board !! they better have school tomrow !!!! ... did i just say that hehe thats hott !!!!
well n-e-ways !! my church youth group has this awsome thing every fourth sunday of the mounth !! cool cool and this mounths is coming up soon !! it is the 27 th !! it is called youth xplosion !! yeah its fun also you cant beat the free stuff and free food oh yeah its some fun stuff !!! hum... is any one out ther can actually tell me how the guys mind works they are soooo confusing !!! i tried t...
January 19, 2005 by discombobulated chick
Some pepole make me laugh !! Im a pepole wathcher ..i like to sit back and watch pepole sometimes its kinda funny !!! I really laugh when you see some one trying to impress the person they like !! we all do this at one point in time .. its just human nature lol !! But have you ever noticed that when someone is trying to impress the person ,they seem to agree with everything they say or do hehe its true lol !! But then agian it can get sick after a while !!! all guys dont like stockers hum... lo...
January 19, 2005 by discombobulated chick
Hi im new to this thing so i realy dont have nothing to write !!! just sitting here enjoying the snow day ! hum... well i have nothing else to say byes !!!!!!!!